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Getting the Love You Want: Garet Bedrosian


Presented by

Garet Bedrosian, LCSW, CIRT, MFEC, CET

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Lets be honest: when you have been living with relationship strife, the path back to feelings of love and safety can seem overwhelming.

As a Certified Imago Therapist, I created my workshops to be accessible, playful, and non-threatening, where sharing (as much as comfortable) and community are created in a safe space that fosters your, and your partner's, growth.

Over the years, I have culled the most essential Imago Therapy techniques and information and brought it all together in one clear and succinct program. I tie it all together for you while modeling the behavior and dialogue, so that you can experience and embody the spirit of Imago and take it forward into your life. Imago Therapy helps you to understand the origins of your relationship issues and gives you the communication skills to work through conflict.

My clients often comment on how safe and comfortable they felt during the workshops, and how much fun they had. By representing and sharing the Imago Experience, I will help you and your partner learn to share, hear, and be heard in a whole-body, whole-heart, whole-mind way. You will be amazed at the tools and knowledge that you will gain in one Imago Workshop weekend with me.

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