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Garet Bedrosian, LCSW, CIRT, CBT, MFEC, CET

International Imago Faculty

Certified Imago Workshop Presenter for GTLW, KYLYF, & Recovering Our Connection


With over 30 years of collecting theories and techniques, I've landed right here learning and teaching the joys of presence, embodiment, and connection. The journey to this place is at the core of who I am and my purpose in life. Whether I'm teaching therapists about relationships or embodiment, in the arena with a horse, in China doing therapy with the Bioenergetic Trainees, in the office guiding couples and individuals to connect to their essence and that of the other, or sitting across from my partner Kevin, present, embodied and connected is where I intend to be. I have blended my theoretical passions for Equine Therapy/Coaching, Somatic Therapy, IMAGO Relationship Therapy and Crossing the Bridge in a way of working with individuals, couples, and groups.

Ramona, CA


(619) 300-8002


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