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Consultation Groups


A History & Tradition of Developing Imago Therapists

Imago Consultation 3.0 carries on the 20 year tradition of keeping Imago thriving in Southern California. We offer individual supervision and consultation as well as a monthly consultation group.

Imago Consultation 3.0

Imago Consultation 3.0 is a supervision group intended for Imago trainees and seasoned therapists. The group meets monthly under the direction of Imago consultant, and veteran therapist, Michael DiPaolo, Ph.D. Imago consultation is a model of clinical supervision grounded in Imago theory and practice. Members gain a higher proficiency of the Imago toolset and also recognize how their adaptations guide much of their clinical decision making. Through the guidance of the consultants and the wisdom of the group, participants transcend their self-limiting styles and find real-time solutions to the impasses brought by couples. The safety of the relationship space of the group is foundational. Group confidentiality standards apply. The group structure ensures didactic learning and professional mastery.


Each session includes a presentation that covers a significant area of Imago theory or process, or other areas relevant to our work as Imago therapists. Meetings also offer an opportunity to present a video, expository case consultation or role play. Trainees’ tapes are reviewed for certification.

The group generally meets on the third Friday of the month. The group meets on Zoom, and is open to therapists in any location.

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Michael DiPaolo, Ph.D.



Group history and legacy

In 1999 Imago Masters Wendy Patterson and Maya Kollman certified Waverly Farrell as an Imago Consultant. Waverly has led this group since then until her retirement in Dec 2018. In the summer of 2018, under the supervision of Wendy, Waverly trained and certified three longtime members so that the Southern California Imago group could seamlessly continue to serve our professional community.

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