Coaching and Facilitator Certification
in the Imago Methodology Program

Learn practical communication techniques for any situation
with Garet Bedrossian, LCSW

This program enriches the participant’s understanding of human motivation, effective communication skills, and teaches leaders a revolutionary feedback process that will empower the teams they lead.

  • Do you desire to pivot your career into coaching or consulting?

  • Have you been recently promoted into a management role?

  • Do you want to improve your personal and professional relationships?

  • Are you involved in team dynamics in an organization?


(in person, as possible)

Week 4:


Who Should Attend?

  • Leaders, Managers, Executives 

  • Business owners

  • Educators

  • Physicians and Health Care Workers     

  • Life and Business Coaches

  • Ministers and Clergy

  • Lawyers, Mediators                             

  • Activists

  • Professionals                                      

  • Athletic Coaches

In this training, you will learn:

  • Facilitation skills to help individual contributors, teams, and dyads build consensus and integrate their perspectives for better decision making and greater morale

  • A proven model of communication that builds trust, creativity, and motivation

  • A method for working with conflict situations and highly charged decisions

  • Skills to foster a connection to others and a sense of belonging

Level 1 Requirements

  1. Fundamentals of Imago Theory

  2. Includes reading and video content

  3. Attend an Imago Weekend Workshop (personal growth)

  4. Facilitation Skills in Professional Settings

  • Utilize the Imago communication model

  • Learn the importance of transitions

  • Incorporate structure, safety, and belonging  

  • Understand human motivation and development

  • Use presence, voice, and pacing

  • The role of power and consent

Level 2 Requirements

  1. Video project presentation 

  2. Attend six group coaching sessions 

  3. Attend at least three specialization courses: 

  • Working with groups and teams

  • Organizational dynamics

  • Families, co-parenting, and family businesses

  • Individual Motivations

  • Working with conflicts in dyads  

Certification Requirements

  • Complete Level 1 and 2 Requirements

  • Submit a final video demonstrating core facilitation skills


About your presenter

Garet Bedrosian, LCSW

IMAGO Faculty Candidate

Master Equus Coach

International Bioenergentic Faculty


Garet is a certified IMAGO therapist and presenter for Getting the Love You Want couples’ workshops and Keeping the Love You Find workshops for individuals. Garet has been on a mission to understand herself and the world through the relationships people form with one another. Her innate curiosity has taken her all over the world to learn more about cultures and she has discovered that while each culture has distinct characteristics, at the core we all quest for love, respect, and understanding.  


As a conference keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Garet has presented at local, national, and international conferences. In addition to offering psychotherapy in her private practice with individuals and couples, she is available for workshops and speaking engagements, including your next conference, retreat, or workshop—whether in Kenya or Kentucky!

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