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Waverly Farrell, LMFT

Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

Waverly is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist in Long Beach. She has been a certified Imago Relationship Therapist for seventeen years. Because of her desire to learn more, she became certified to present the Getting the Love You Want workshop. She is also an Imago consultant working with therapists who wish to become certified in Imago or those who wish to continue case consultation on an on-going basis. In her practice, Waverly works with couples, groups, and individuals. 


Raised in the desert southwest, Waverly has always been intrigued about people and their relationship to one another. The folklore of her Irish ancestry and the horizons of the Arizona desert lay the foundation for her appreciation of the universal connection of everything.  


Waverly is passionate about her dream to bring healing and longevity to the relationship experience of both couples and individuals. As a result, she founded Relationship Solutions, where through individual and couples counseling, workshops, groups, and community presentations, she can be of service. In their 26 years together, Waverly and her partner, Vicki, have consistently practiced the Imago skills in their relationship. These processes have been vital to the well-being of their relationship. Waverly is passionate in her commitment to helping clients explore their relationship journey using the Imago skills in a safe and nurturing environment.


Long Beach

5855 Naples Plaza, Suite 109

(562) 433-0400

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