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Ella Begelfor, LMFT

Certified ​Imago Relationship Therapist


I am a certified (English and Russian) Marriage and Family Therapist and Hypnotherapist.

I started my Hypnosis practice while a Project Manager in the corporate environment where I had been working for over 20 years. My background and expertise provided me with an empathic and thorough understanding of the pressures associated with highly stressful working environments.

I have been using my techniques to alleviate my own pressures and have been able to successfully use my knowledge to assist my co-workiers in stress management and anger control. These sessions have been as invaluable to me as to my colleagues.

My philosophy focuses on helping people to regain their mental health, recapture peace and attain emotional stability. I use the wisdom of ancient traditions as well as the mastery of prominent psychologists, philosophers, and spiritual leaders in support of my work; revealing the inner workings of the mind-body-emotion balance of my clients.

I help my clients understand their thoughts and emotions, enabling them to recognize their behavioral patterns; once these patterns are identified, clients are given the tools to be their own healers!

Woodland Hills

(818) 207-1191


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