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Getting the Love You Want
a 2-day workshop for committed couples

Do you wonder:

  • Why the qualities that attracted you to your partner now drive you crazy?

  • How to effectively communicate your needs and desires?

  • How to turn frustrations into positive change?

  • How to express your love and appreciation?

  • How to create your relationship dream well into the future?   

This dynamic and interactive workshop helps couples rediscover the joy, safety and passion of being together, while using the relationship for personal healing and growth. Together with your partner, you will create a vision for your relationship and begin a process of conscious change.

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Start Right, Stay Connected
an 8-hour workshop for engaged couples


This fun and dynamic program is designed to provide couples with a solid foundation as they start their journey together. Couples will learn:

  • powerful communication skills

  • tools for dealing with relationship “hot buttons”

  • effective conflict resolution

  • how to remove negativity from their relationship

  • how to keep romance alive

Couples who participate in premarital education and counseling have 30% lower divorce rates. Don’t spend hundreds time and money preparing for your wedding day and neglect to prepare for your marriage.

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Keeping the Love You Find
a 2-day workshop for singles


This weekend workshop is most appropriate for singles--not currently in relationship--who are tired of making the same mistakes over and over again and want to learn the secret to finding and keeping lasting love.​​ It offers a journey of personal and relational exploration and discovery where you will learn and new ways of connecting with others.


​This is also a great experience for couples who have experienced the Getting The Love You Want workshop. It provides an opportunity to do some self-growth work within the context of your relationship.

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Collaborative Parenting—Connected Families
a 1-day workshop for parents

Designed by Francine Beauvoir based on her book by the same name, this workshop offers a step-by-step guide for conscious parenting. It has the potential to transform your relationship with your children, step-children, or pupils. Harville Hendrix calls Francine's book: “...the best guide for working with parents that I have seen.”

Learn to use the family round table to set important boundaries without using rewards or punishments while maintaining a strong parent-child bond.


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The Foundation: Wisdom & Tools to Build a Conscious Marriage


Build The Foundation for your marriage!... Informed by modern neuroscience, come learn essential communication tools – including the Imago Dialogue – to reinforce your strengths, dissolve tension and deepen your connection. The fun and dynamic atmosphere of the workshop is tailored to committed, engaged, and newly married couples, yet can benefit any couple wanting to learn the foundational skills!

“... one of the best things you can do as a couple. Communication is the main reason why conflict occurs - and this workshop gave us the tools to improve how we speak to each other and care for one another. Invaluable!”


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Through Conflict to Connection

Even the healthiest relationships experience conflict.This is an educational relationship workshop that provides insight and facilitates understanding by exploring conflict in relationship.


Conflict offers the opportunity to grow up and face life's contradictions, ambiguities, to repair and grow larger in the process. Conflict in the relationship can serve as a “wake-up call” for a couple -- a signal that “there is pain here, and we need to address it.” 


This is a relationship skills program; it is not therapy but it is therapeutic. Participants may gain new insights into their relationship and relationships in general and into the healing opportunities hidden within conflict.


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Weekend Couples Retreats


Over the Bridge Weekend Couples Retreats are held throughout the year at selected luxury locations. These weekends offer a deeply transformational experience for couples looking to improve their communication skills, resolve conflict, and deepen their emotional connection. These include the cost of the workshop, two nights of private, luxury accommodations, and all chef-prepared meals.


Contact Mary Kay Cocharo for more information and upcoming dates.

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