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Welcome to SCIT

Southern California Imago Therapists

SCIT (Southern California Imago Therapists) is a group of Imago therapists in the Southern California area. We are a chapter of Imago Relationships International, Inc., headquartered in New York ( We all are licensed psychotherapists either at the MA or PhD level. Our specialty is to work with those who want to improve their relationships. We focus on couples (those in a committed, intimate relationship) and those who want to be in a committed, intimate relationship. We are non-discriminatory and work with all races and those of any gender orientation. 


Imago Relationships International is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform the world one relationship at a time and create a new model for marriage. More than 2000 therapists practice Imago Therapy in more than 20 countries. In addition, over 160 Certified Imago Presenters offer workshops and seminars for couples and individuals that help thousands of persons world-wide every year. Imago also offers training programs for qualified therapists to become Certified Imago Relationship Therapists.

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