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Are you looking to incorporate IMAGO Therapy with your clients?
with Garet Bedrossian, LCSW

Imago Relationship Therapy was developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt. Their “Imago Dialogue” allows couples to move from blame to empathy. Your clients will experience so much growth using their 30 years of proven communication process. You can assist even your most frustrated couples to heal themselves and move toward a more “Conscious Relationship.” I want to show you how — like Dr. Hendrix wishes, let's change the world one relationship at a time!


FeatherHeart Ranch    RAMONA, CA

Training will be held virtually if travel to FeatherHeart Ranch is not possible

Week 1:

Sept 23-26, 2021

Week 2:

Nov 18-21, 2021

Week 3:

Jan 20-24, 2022

Week 4:


The Imago Way

Imago Therapy weaves together leading psychological theories and practical observations on the experience of love and relationships into an approach that is both compelling and easy to understand. This training will teach you a model for clients to move from "conflict to connection." Imago Therapy will allow you to help your clients restore the connection they once had with their partner and lead them to a new place of love and respect. You too will even benefit from the knowledge about your own relationship issues and enjoy personal healing in your own life.

Certification Requirements

To become a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist you will need to:

  • Attend all 3 weeks of Clinical Training. Each week is 4 eight-hour days in addition to any assigned work to be completed.

  • Complete supervision requirements. Dates to be scheduled and can be done during Week 4.

  • Present video samples, with couples, using Imago Relationship practices. Videos will be evaluated by your trainer.

  • Attend a “Getting the Love You Want” Couples Workshop.

  • Assist at a “Getting the Love You Want” Couples Workshop within one year of course completion.

  • Hold a degree in a mental health field to be a certified Imago therapist or become an Imago Educator.

  • Tuition is $3,000 plus $1,000 for Supervision Week. Installment plans are available.


About your presenter

Garet Bedrosian, LCSW

IMAGO Faculty Candidate

Master Equus Coach

International Bioenergentic Faculty


Garet is a certified IMAGO therapist and presenter for Getting the Love You Want couples’ workshops and Keeping the Love You Find workshops for individuals. Garet has been on a mission to understand herself and the world through the relationships people form with one another. Her innate curiosity has taken her all over the world to learn more about cultures and she has discovered that while each culture has distinct characteristics, at the core we all quest for love, respect, and understanding.  


As a conference keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Garet has presented at local, national, and international conferences. In addition to offering psychotherapy in her private practice with individuals and couples, she is available for workshops and speaking engagements, including your next conference, retreat, or workshop—whether in Kenya or Kentucky!

FOR MORE INFORMATION    |   (619) 295-8002

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